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Our approach to designing your investment portfolio is different. We take a comprehensive, financial planning-led approach with every client, which means we synchronize your entire financial life and cover all aspects of wealth management. We feel that’s the only way to design a portfolio that truly makes holistic sense.

There are many factors beyond a simple risk-profile questionnaire that go into designing a portfolio that is optimal for you. We take the time up front to make sure we have the information necessary to select the investments that we believe have the best opportunity to help you meet your goals and objectives. For example, proactively understanding your income tax brackets, current and future income sources – such as pension, government benefits or rental income – as well as any real estate, business interests or charitable aspirations plays a critical role in designing a plan that is best suited to meet your unique needs.

Our clients realize that it takes a team to be successful, and are looking for a collaborative team based approach to their wealth management needs. We combine our personalized approach for financial planning with a team of IG's experienced specialists in tax, insurance, corporations, estate planning and more. This ensures that we are able to take a big picture view of managing your wealth, providing strategic investment advice in response to changes to your personal situation, corporate needs, and income tax or estate tax laws.

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My IG advisor does all my financial planning

IG Wealth Management – they do all our financial planning. An IG advisor will show you a real financial plan that includes all of investments, retirement, estate planning, life insurance, tax strategies and more.

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Chapter Leadership National Council, Advocis - The Financial Advisors Association of Canada
2010 - 2017


Finance Chair, Sask Housing Authority
2015 - Present

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