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My mission is to be a positive influence in my community and a valuable resource for clients. The clients I work with are businesses, entrepreneurs, and select individuals who are looking to improve their lives, increase their financial well-being, and accomplish life goals.

At IG Wealth Management we are dedicated to providing clients a unique IG Living Plan that will change and grow with clients lives. Your IG Living Plan will help set short and long term goals while providing a path to accomplishing them. While working with me to further your success, IG Wealth Management supports us with access to industry leading experts who specialize in investment, retirement, tax, and life planning. This, along with a world class product lineup gives me the tools and ability to help clients improve their financial well-being.

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With IG Wealth Management we go beyond RRSP’s to look at your whole financial picture to forecast your monthly income in retirement...So you have a clear view of today AND tomorrow. Does your plan do that?

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