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As the result of a successful career in the Canadian banking sector I have accumulated an extensive background in commercial & corporate banking, as well as comprehensive wealth planning services and solutions for individuals, families and businesses.

I have a passion for meeting new people and building relationships based on knowledge and service. My personal and professional objectives are to help individuals, families, business owners and professionals prepare a sound financial path that will help them achieve their goals through wealth ACCUMULATION, wealth PRESERVATION and ultimately wealth TRANSFER.

At IG Wealth Management, financial planning is a group effort. Our team of experts, who specialize in investment, retirement, tax and life planning and more, will collaborate to help make sure you’re set up to meet all your life’s goals.

Life is dynamic and always changing, so shouldn’t you have a plan that changes with you? We call it the IG Living Plan™.

Create a financial plan for life's 'what ifs?'

Imagine a holistic financial plan that can test and adapt to your ‘what if’ questions.

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