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Our Team prides ourselves on taking the time needed to understand what drives our clients financially. We realize there is a gap in basic fundamental literacy for all Canadians, regardless of career stage, profession or income. Canadians feel mislead, misinformed and uninspired. We understand the value of honest, transparent information and advice, being the starting grounds to building a comprehensive financial plan.

We help clients create intention. Intention to learn, prioritize, and take-action.

We convert complex strategies into clear solutions focusing around cash flow management, tax planning, investment planning, insurance protection, and estate preservation.

The fabric of our practice is made of young professionals, incorporated practitioners and high income earners – all with a strong ability to save, whom lacked confidence to create a tax-effective investment philosophy.

We work with a team of in-house regional specialists who assist with portfolio customization, personal lending & risk management. No matter how you put our services to work, you can be certain that we will deliver an Experience of Excellence, Commitment and Value.

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You deserve s’more from a financial plan

Not getting the financial advice you need? You definitely deserve s’more. A real financial plan from IG Wealth Management is more than investments. IG also helps with tax strategies, mortgages, retirement, estate planning, insurance.

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