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I bring a wealth of financial planning knowledge and experience to your table or board room.
As a Financial Planner with Investors Group, I have access through my region office to specialists in securities, insurance, mortgages and taxation - all working together to review and analyze every aspect of your financial life to prepare an action plan designed specifically for you and we put it in writing. Do not wait any longer...pick up the phone now, and book an appointment today.


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Here at Investors Group, we are devoted to helping you realize both your short and long-term financial goals through comprehensive planning.

We believe that building long-term relationships with clients is the best way to help you and your family explore the financial planning options that are best for you at each stage of your life.

My role is to help Consultants give clients the best of themselves and to support them in their professional goals by overseeing training, offering mentoring and encouragement, and supporting their efforts in our community.

Whether you are interested in exploring an entrepreneurial opportunity with us, looking for referral to a Consultant, or wanting to talk about your financial situation, feel free to contact me.

Explore all of retirement’s possibilities.

RSPs are only a part of your retirement picture. At IG Wealth Management, we synchronize your retirement goals with your IG Living Plan, including your RSPs, TFSAs, investments, and pension, so that you can see your whole retirement picture.

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