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With over 35 years of experience as a finance professional in a broad range of roles and industries generating tens of millions of dollars of wealth for shareholders and owners of businesses, I am so excited to be a member of the IG Wealth Management team as a financial advisor.

My skills and experience in the areas of financial planning and risk management will allow me to turn my attention toward building, protecting and disbursing wealth for families and small to medium sized business owners in a tax effective manner with best-in-class financial planning resources and tools at IG Wealth Management. In conjunction with a risk-based approach to measure the progress and identify opportunities for improved performance, it becomes a win/win scenario for the clients and their families through improved financial planning and precise, timely execution which will directly contribute to revenue generation and costs savings which result in improved family wealth.

By prioritizing who the client is and what are their needs and goals will allow me to successfully simplify the financial planning process for them in the areas of:
1. Managing their cash flow
2. Minimizing their exposure to risk
3. Planning for major expenses
4. Maximizing business success and profitability
5. Optimizing their retirement
6. Sharing their wealth in a tax effective manner

A real financial plan

Can you retire early? Move from the city to the cabin? Real questions that affect your financial situation require real answers. As life changes, a real financial plan adapts with you.

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