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My business commitment is to provide clients with exceptional service and inspiring results. To achieve these results, my efforts are focused on working with individuals whose minimum investable portfolio assets, or annual household income is $300,000 exclusively and above. This allows me to put more direct emphasis on providing financial planning recommendations for current clients as well as those newly acquired clients in a way that my practice is best structured to assist.


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Everyone at IG Wealth Management takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to financial planning. Our plans also adapt and evolve along with your life. We’ll work closely with you and your team of trusted professionals to deliver an IG Living Plan™ that is specific to you.

Our solutions are well suited for affluent individuals and families who value a disciplined and proven approach to wealth management. Our IG Living Plan process is collaborative – whether it’s your accountant or the many other experts we utilize, we all want to make sure your goals and aspirations are realized.

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My IG advisor does all my financial planning

IG Wealth Management – they do all our financial planning: An IG advisor will show you a real financial plan that includes all of investments, retirement, estate planning, life insurance, tax strategies and more.

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