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My family and I moved here from Manitoba a few short years ago after a successful career as a funeral home business owner and as a residential and commercial real estate investor. This business, investing and estate experience provides me unique expertise in developing a personalized plan for you and your family.

A good plan is like a roadmap, helping you to see your destination and the route you need to take to get there. It will have twists and turns, but when built on sound advice and reviewed regularly, it will help get you to where you want to go and keep you there until the end.

Wealth management is much more than simply a transaction. My approach is holistic and comprehensive, I understand that a plan doesn't define you, you define the plan. As your needs become increasingly complex I’ll work closely with you to deliver a solution that is tailored to you - your needs, your goals, your vision.

My solutions are best suited for affluent seniors and families who value a disciplined, proven approach to wealth management. Our process is collaborative – we recognize that your dreams and goals are as important as the assets that will help you realize them.

Explore all of retirement’s possibilities.

RSPs are only a part of your retirement picture. At IG Wealth Management, we synchronize your retirement goals with your IG Living Plan, including your RSPs, TFSAs, investments, and pension, so that you can see your whole retirement picture.

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