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As a child, I quickly learned the value of goal setting and hard work. My parents both had full time jobs but were entrepreneurial as well. Setting goals, making plans, and reaching those goals are skills that were taught to me from an early age.

As your financial advisor, I will work with you to set goals that are important to you. Whether it's saving for retirement, living in retirement, providing education funds, or protecting those you love, together we will develop a plan that fits your unique situation and lifestyle. And we will collaborate over the long-term to make sure you are on track.

My strengths lie in building relationships. I love to get to know people and that is what makes this job most fulfilling. Each of us has a unique situation. Working with an advisor who will take your personal story into account is important when building a solid financial plan that you can stick to over the long-term.

Outside of the office, I have plenty keeping me busy. My partner, Mark, and I live in Dartmouth with his two kids (my amazing step-kids), Evan and Lauren, and our two labradoodles. I love to be outside, hiking with the dogs and spending time in Shubie Park or just enjoying the sunshine.

Contact me today to schedule a meeting to learn more about how I can add value to your financial goals and dreams.


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