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I have been working in the industry for 30 years and have built long lasting relationships with clients, by helping build their wealth, using investment strategies that produce consistent rates of return while reducing tax liability. My team and I have successfully managed wealth using dynamic asset allocation and succession planning strategies. 

Over the span of my career I have been in the role of both Consultant and Divisional Director. The experiences that I have gathered have helped me greatly in building a successful practice and establishing a cohesive team of professionals, which enables enable us to create a holistic approach to your success. Life is constantly changing, we are able to adapt and evolve together with the needs and goals of clients. We create an IG Living Plan that adapts and changes as your life does. We take the time to understand all aspects of your financial and family life.

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My IG advisor does all my financial planning

IG Wealth Management – they do all our financial planning: An IG advisor will show you a real financial plan that includes all of investments, retirement, estate planning, life insurance, tax strategies and more.

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