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I chose to work in wealth management for many reasons. Aside from being a total numbers geek, I aspired to make a positive impact on people’s financial futures and help them achieve bigger goals for their families.

My experience has taught me that the factors we can control play a much more crucial role in building net worth than those we can’t. The markets are the markets – they are only the vehicle to build wealth. What will in fact set you ahead in the pursuit of your financial goals is a multi-faceted strategy catered to your needs and situation, encompassing more than just investment returns - retirement and estate planning, tax efficiency, risk management, etc.

Over the average investor’s lifetime, the stock market will likely crash over half a dozen times, but the markets shouldn’t determine whether or not you reach your goals… you should!

That is my philosophy in this business, and I’m always looking to work with clients who see value in it.

Create a financial plan for life's 'what ifs?'

Imagine a holistic financial plan that can test and adapt to your ‘what if’ questions.

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