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Being the eldest child of four, I always had the instinct, even at an early age, to take care of my siblings and ensure that they were always safe and protected. I would take them under my wing and teach them how to golf, exercise, speak foreign languages, increase their vocabulary, and earn money on their own so that none of us had to ask for an allowance. When I was a teenager, I even hired my little sister to clean my room to show her the value of money. Now my sister is a Director for a large bank, and I would like to take partial credit for that (smile).

I was one of those pre-teen entrepreneurs you would see cutting my neighbours’ grass and shovelling their driveways; finding and selling golf balls on the golf course after walking 5 miles each way to get to there (yes, with one shoe on and one shoe off, uphill against the wind).
When I was 14 years old, I was promoted to Pro Shop assistant where I worked alongside the Golf Pro until I graduated from Grade 13. That was the best summer job I ever had.

Now that my siblings are all grown up and enjoying good careers, I enjoy helping clients reach their financial goals and protecting their loved ones. Whether you wish to save enough, or currently have enough money to enjoy the longest vacation you will ever have - your retirement, I can help you make your financial goals come true. Contact me today to receive your Living Plan Snapshot.

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