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The Leeming Team consists of Laurie and Brian Leeming, CFP and CPCA each with 25 years of holistic financial planning experience. They are supported by Associate Consultant Vince Merry, CFP, CLU, RRC with 25 years of financial services experience and Erin Gullis, Administrative Associate, who has been supporting financial consultants for 17 years.
We provide comprehensive financial planning services to the retirement and pre-retirement market through regular reviews and updates of our clients’ overall financial net worth. We identify opportunities to minimize income tax, improve cash flow, protect and preserve capital from an estate planning perspective and ensure our clients’ portfolios are managed according to their personal risk profiles.
To ensure full financial planning and continuity we include and work with our clients’ children, so that they also have sound financial plans.

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Explore all of retirement’s possibilities.

RSPs are only a part of your retirement picture. At IG Wealth Management, we synchronize your retirement goals with your IG Living Plan, including your RSPs, TFSAs, investments, and pension, so that you can see your whole retirement picture.

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