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We are pleased to announce that DAVID MARTIN, consultant at IG Wealth Management, has been named as one of Wealth Professional Canada magazine's 5-Star Advisors for 2021.

David was nominated and named based on the following criteria: communication, portfolio performance, product knowledge, client trust, client knowledge and customer service.

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Smart financial planning for incorporated business owners and healthcare professionals

Most clients come to me when they have a corporate structure in place, but they don’t fully understand how to maximize the benefits. They feel overwhelmed and worried about making the wrong decision for their future.

Their main concerns are often:
• How to use their family trust, holding company or operating corporation in the most effective way to support their family's goals?
• When should they incorporate and do they need a family trust?
• Should they take a salary or dividends…or both? And does this decision change every year?
• How do they use these corporate structures once they retire or sell?

If this is where you’re at, you’re in a fantastic position. Life is about options, and a corporate structure allows you many great options. It’s just about finding the right path for YOU.

Fortunately, this is exactly what I do every day. I’ve spent the last 20+ years working directly with some of Canada’s most successful families, and supporting other advisors with their own top clients, to help business owners understand their corporate structures and use them most effectively.

If you’ve been looking for experienced financial support and a simplified, actionable plan to make the most of your corporate structure, then let’s talk. Call or email me to discuss further.

I work with families in Ontario and Nova Scotia either virtually, over the phone or in person.

My IG advisor does all my financial planning

IG Wealth Management – they do all our financial planning: An IG advisor will show you a real financial plan that includes all of investments, retirement, estate planning, life insurance, tax strategies and more.

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